Welcome to KOLES.HU

Let’s start it over again, this time in English. For the sake of practicing the language and to make it easier to type text without any funky Hungarian letters.

Why new?

My old webspace died and I had not received any notification about that event. It means two things:

  • It was not so popular.
  • I paid no attention to it.

I have a database backup of the old site from 12/5/15, which means that all the text is saved.

What’s next?

This is a fresh start, expect something different. I still don’t know what it would be. (Although if I’ll have time I would convert the backup to this new format.)

What kind of engine and host are you using?

Hahh, good question!

It’s running on GitHub Pages and using Jekyll for the transformation. No database, no fancy blog-engine with PHP (yuck!) code to maintain. No FTP! I mean there is no fucking FTP is used here.

Holy crap, it’s 2016!

I’ll write a small post about the technical background… or you can figure it by yourself here.

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